How to Order a Cheque Book from NatWest?

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A practical question for NatWest bank customers is: How to order a cheque book from NatWest? Ordering a cheque book from NatWest is a straightforward process that can be completed through multiple channels. This article will guide you through each method, ensuring you can easily and efficiently request a new cheque book.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering a Cheque Book

Online Banking

Convenient Digital Request

  1. Log In: Access your NatWest online banking account.
  2. Navigate to Services: Look for the ‘Cheque Book’ option under the ‘Services’ menu.
  3. Select Account: Choose the account for which you need the cheque book.
  4. Confirm Order: Review and confirm your order.

NatWest Mobile App

Ordering on the Go

  1. Open the App: Launch the NatWest mobile banking app on your device.
  2. Select Account: Choose the account you wish to order the cheque book for.
  3. Request Cheque Book: Find the option to order a cheque book and follow the prompts to confirm.

Telephone Banking

Traditional Phone Request

  1. Call Customer Service: Dial the NatWest customer service number.
  2. Verify Identity: Be prepared with your account details for verification.
  3. Request Cheque Book: Inform the representative that you wish to order a cheque book and provide any necessary details.

In-Person at a Branch

Face-to-Face Assistance

  1. Visit a Branch: Locate your nearest NatWest branch.
  2. Speak to a Banker: Talk to a staff member and request a cheque book for your account.
  3. Verification: Provide identification and any necessary account information.

Things to Keep in Mind

Delivery Time

Anticipate the Wait

Delivery times can vary, so it’s wise to order your cheque book well in advance of when you need it.


Safekeeping of Cheques

Once you receive your cheque book, ensure it is stored securely to prevent any fraudulent use.

Environmental Consideration

Going Digital

Consider whether you truly need a physical cheque book, as digital payments are more environmentally friendly and often more convenient.

Do You Still Want to Use Cheque Book?

Ordering a cheque book from NatWest is a simple process that can be done online, via the mobile app, by phone, or in person. Each method has its own steps, but all are designed to be user-friendly. Remember to consider the delivery time and the importance of securely storing your cheque book upon receipt.


Is There a Charge for Ordering a Cheque Book from NatWest?

Typically, there is no charge for ordering a standard cheque book, but it’s best to check for any specific fees or conditions.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a New Cheque Book?

The delivery time can vary, but it generally takes a few working days to receive a new cheque book.

Can I Order a Cheque Book for Any Type of Account?

Cheque books are usually available for current accounts. If you have a different type of account, check with NatWest for eligibility.

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