Where Was Empire of Light Filmed?

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“Empire of Light,” a stunning cinematic experience, captivates audiences not only with its compelling narrative but also through its breathtaking filming locations. These locations play a pivotal role in setting the film’s tone and atmosphere, making them a point of curiosity for many viewers.

Key Filming Locations

Margate, Kent

The heart of “Empire of Light” beats in Margate, a charming seaside town in Kent. Margate’s iconic Dreamland, an amusement park, and its picturesque beaches offer a nostalgic backdrop that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the film.

Dreamland Cinema

One of the film’s central locations is the Dreamland Cinema in Margate. This historic venue, with its rich history and architectural beauty, serves as a significant character in the film, encapsulating a bygone era of cinematic glamour.

Other Notable Spots in Margate

Margate’s town centre, with its unique blend of modern and historic architecture, and the serene Margate Beach, are other notable locations that feature prominently in the film.

Behind the Scenes

Creating the Magic

The production team’s efforts in capturing the spirit of Margate and its surroundings played a crucial role in bringing “Empire of Light” to life. From detailed set designs to the careful selection of shooting spots, every element was meticulously planned to enhance the film’s visual appeal.

Impact on Local Community

The filming of “Empire of Light” in Margate also positively impacted the local community, boosting tourism and highlighting the town’s cultural and historical significance.


“Empire of Light” is a testament to the power of location in filmmaking. The selection of Margate and its landmarks as the primary filming locations adds depth and authenticity to the film, making it a memorable visual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Margate chosen for filming ‘Empire of Light’?

Margate was chosen for its picturesque seaside setting and historic Dreamland Cinema, which align perfectly with the film’s thematic and aesthetic requirements.

Did the film impact Margate’s tourism?

Yes, the filming of ‘Empire of Light’ positively influenced Margate’s tourism, drawing attention to its cultural and historical charm.

Can visitors explore the film’s locations in Margate?

Absolutely, visitors can explore many of the film’s locations in Margate, including the Dreamland Cinema and Margate Beach.

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