How to Defend in FIFA 24?

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Defending in FIFA 24 is a crucial skill that can significantly impact your gameplay. Mastering defense tactics not only prevents the opponent from scoring but also sets the foundation for a counter-attack. This article aims to provide comprehensive strategies for effective defending in FIFA 24, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Understanding the Basics of Defense

Defending in FIFA 24 starts with the basics. Knowing when to pressure, tackle, or contain is essential. It’s important to understand player attributes and how they affect defensive capabilities. Players with higher defensive stats will naturally perform better in intercepting and tackling.

Positioning and Timing

Effective defending is all about positioning and timing. You need to position your defenders in a way that blocks potential passes and shooting angles. Timing your tackles is critical; mistimed tackles can lead to penalties or allow the attacker to slip past.

Utilizing Jockeying and Containment

Jockeying (holding down the jockey button) allows your defender to move side to side quickly, which is vital for blocking shots and passes. Containment helps you stay close to the attacker, making it harder for them to find space.

Playing the Passing Lanes

Anticipating and intercepting passes can turn defense into offense quickly. Position your players in passing lanes, especially in midfield, to cut off supply lines to the opponent’s forwards.

Choosing the Right Tackles

In FIFA 24, you have different tackling options. Use standing tackles in most situations. Slide tackles are riskier and should be used sparingly, only when you’re confident of winning the ball.

Advanced Defensive Techniques

Using Teammate Contain

Teammate contain lets you control a secondary player while the AI controls your selected player. This can be effective in pressuring the ball carrier from two sides.

Custom Tactics and Player Instructions

Customize your team’s defensive tactics to suit your playstyle. Set specific instructions for your defenders, like ‘Stay Back While Attacking’ for your full-backs if you want a more solid defense.

Defensive Set-Pieces

Set up your team properly during defensive set-pieces. Ensure you have your best headers of the ball in key positions and set up your wall correctly during free-kicks.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overcommitting Players

Avoid sending too many players forward, especially your defenders. This can leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Poor Player Switching

Improperly switching players can create gaps in your defense. Use the right stick to switch to the most relevant defender.

Is This Your Game?

Effective defending in FIFA 24 requires a mix of skill, timing, and strategy. By understanding the basics, positioning correctly, and utilizing advanced tactics, you can significantly improve your defensive game. Remember, good defense is not just about preventing goals; it’s about setting the stage for your victory.

Variations of the Question

How can I improve my defense in FIFA 24?
Understanding player attributes, proper positioning, and effective use of jockeying and containment are key to improving your defense in FIFA 24.

What are the best defensive tactics in FIFA 24?
The best defensive tactics involve playing the passing lanes, using teammate contain, and customizing team tactics to fit your style.

How to avoid common defensive mistakes in FIFA 24?
To avoid common mistakes, do not overcommit players forward, and use the right stick effectively for player switching.

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