Pokémon GO: Which Team is Best?

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Pokémon GO, the augmented reality sensation, has captivated players worldwide with its unique blend of exploration, competition, and community building. Central to its competitive aspect is the choice between three teams: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. This choice influences gym battles, raids, and the overall gameplay experience. But which team is the best? Let’s dive in to compare Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct.

1. Team Mystic (Blue) – The Analytical Strategists

  • Leader: Blanche
  • Philosophy: Evolution through analysis and calmness
  • Strengths: Known for their analytical approach, Team Mystic players often excel in strategizing gym battles and raids. They focus on Pokémon’s potential and evolutionary strengths.
  • Community and Popularity: Historically the most popular team, which can be an advantage in holding gyms in densely populated areas.

2. Team Valor (Red) – The Passionate Battlers

  • Leader: Candela
  • Philosophy: Strength and bravery through training
  • Strengths: Team Valor is all about the power and enhancement of Pokémon through training. They emphasize CP (Combat Power) and tend to dominate in raw battle strength.
  • Community and Popularity: Team Valor boasts a passionate community, often leading in competitive spirit and gym takeovers.

3. Team Instinct (Yellow) – The Intuitive Trailblazers

  • Leader: Spark
  • Philosophy: Trusting instincts and believing in the natural abilities of Pokémon
  • Strengths: Instinct players shine in their ability to understand Pokémon’s innate skills and egg hatching. They excel in maximizing the potential of each Pokémon’s unique abilities.
  • Community and Popularity: Team Instinct has a smaller but dedicated community, often underdogs in gym battles but known for their tight-knit support.

Factors to Consider

  • Location: Your local area’s team dominance can influence gym control and raid participation.
  • Playing Style: Choose a team that aligns with your gameplay style – whether it’s strategizing, battling, or hatching.
  • Community: The local and online community can enhance your gaming experience.


The best team in Pokémon GO ultimately depends on your personal preference and play style. Team Mystic excels in strategy and analysis, Team Valor in training and combat power, and Team Instinct in intuition and Pokémon’s natural abilities. Consider your local team dynamics, playing style, and community aspects before making your choice. Whichever team you choose, the world of Pokémon GO is filled with adventure, challenges, and fun!

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