Where Was Matilda the Musical Filmed?

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Where was Matilda the Musical filmed? This enchanting film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved story has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Its filming locations are as magical as the story itself, primarily set across various picturesque sites in England.

The Magical Filming Locations of Matilda the Musical

Bramshill House, Hampshire: A Historical Gem

A key location for the film was Bramshill House in Hampshire. This Grade I-listed Jacobean mansion served as the exterior of Cruncham Hall elementary school, where much of the story unfolds. The house’shistorical architecture and grandeur provided the perfect backdrop for the school’s imposing and slightly ominous presence in the film.

Denham, Buckinghamshire: A Village Scene

The charming village scenes in Matilda the Musical were shot in Denham, Buckinghamshire. This location lent an idyllic and quintessentially English feel to the movie, contrasting the darker elements of Matilda’s story with a sense of quaint normalcy.

Bison Hill, Dunstable Downs: The Great Outdoors

Outdoor scenes were filmed at Bison Hill, part of the Dunstable Downs in England. The expansive landscapes here added a sense of scale and beauty to the film, offering a glimpse into the natural beauty of the English countryside.

Shepperton Studios: The Magic of the Studio

Some interior and specific scene shots were filmed in Shepperton Studios. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities, Shepperton provided the technical capabilities to bring the magical elements of Matilda’s story to life.

The Significance of the Locations

Enhancing the Narrative Through Location

Each chosen location played a vital role in telling Matilda’s story. From the imposing Bramshill House to the peaceful streets of Denham, the locations helped to visually narrate the contrasting elements of Matilda’s life – her challenging home and school life versus her imaginative and hopeful inner world.

Historical and Cultural Context

The selection of historical and culturally rich locations like Bramshill House also added depth to the film. It provided a tangible connection to England’s rich history and architecture, grounding the fantastical elements of the story in a real and relatable world.


The filming locations for Matilda the Musical are as integral to the film as its characters and plot. They bring to life the world Roald Dahl imagined, and their selection was crucial in creating the enchanting atmosphere that has made the film so beloved.

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